From custom Magento design & development to extensions & support, OAK3 team is successfully building eCommerce stores that meet and exceed expectations.

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The OAK3 approach

The OAK3 team doesn’t just think about you and your business’ needs, we also consider the needs of your audience and how we can empower you to become the best within your market segment. An essential step in this direction is offering your users the best viewing experience possible and a seamless navigation across multiple devices.

Considering the ever increasing number of devices, browsers and platforms available, approaching them individually would be impossible, making responsive design the best option for any merchant who wishes to come out ahead in today’s competitive market.

Much like you respond to your consumers’ needs, your responsive Magento store quickly and efficiently adapts to the device your potential customer is using, ensuring a pleasant user experience and allowing consumers to focus on products rather than deciphering the website they’re browsing.

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Process & Planning

Long-term partnerships are the backbone OAK3 was built on, as we’ve always strived to provide future-proof solutions for every single one of our clients. However, technologies change and we recognize that in order to stay competitive, our clients need the latest techniques and platforms at their disposal.

We ensure the standing quality of the products we deliver by offering long-term support for our clients, enabling them to not just keep their eCommerce stores relevant through shifts in technologies but also offering them the opportunity to quickly and effectively adapt their stores as the business itself changes and evolves within its respective market.

Tools under our belt

  • MagentoMagento
  • ZendZend
  • CSS3CSS3
  • JavaScriptJavaScript
  • BootstrapBootstrap
  • jQueryjQuery


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Richard K Jones
CIO/CTO of Novalis LLC

"With OAK3 it's A LOT MORE THAN THE PROGRAMMING. It's the whole user experience and bottom line results..."

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Reliable Partnerships

Dedicated communication tools allow us to reach out in real time to both businesses and consumers with no language barrier concerns, while cloud storage systems enable the almost instant transfer of data and information. It is precisely this dynamic nature of the digital environment that has allowed us to successfully collaborate with big names worldwide, delivering exceptional results every time.

From the United Kingdom and South Africa, to Australia and the United States, the eCommerce projects our team delivers have consistently been an advantage for the businesses they were designed for.

The Team

Using the latest technologies and platforms, our technical and creative teams analyze, strategize and implement custom-fit solutions that empower businesses to become the best in their respective fields. OAK3 ensures 100% satisfaction when it comes to:

  • Web Design and UI
  • Custom web development using Zend framework
  • Magento Enterprise and Magento Community development
  • Online marketing and branding services
  • Magento performance audit
  • 3rd party solutions and API integration

We pride ourselves not only with the quality of the product we deliver but also with the fact that each one is tailored for every project’s specific needs. The OAK3 team numbers 25 experienced designers, front-end developers, Magento and PHP developers, marketers and content writers, with three senior managers.

Join the OAK3 team

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Project Manager

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