Sharefuse is built and maintained using the ISO 27002 security standard. The platform is built on a dynamic cloud-based architecture that separates your data from all other users. Regular backups and scans keep your innovation safe.


Sharefuse is designed with innovation in mind. With crowdsourced approval ratings, idea certification stamps, collaborative workgroups, reputation scores, and fully customizable and automatic idea graduation, Sharefuse is ready to hit the ground running.


Sharefuse allows you to extend your existing environments across teams and even continents. Automatic permissions give the right access to the right users on all content, and admins can post challenges that automatically track user posted solutions.

Sharefuse Ideation Features Include:

  • Issue Challenges
  • Individual Idea Profiles
  • Automatic Idea Graduation
  • Fully Customizable Fields
  • Follow Ideas and Innovators
  • Configuarble Notifications
  • Crowdsourced Idea Approval
  • Identify Leaders by Reputation
  • Set Ideas to Pending, Active, Private, or Customized Status

Sharefuse Collaboration Features Include:

  • Full Comments and Feedback
  • Completely Mobile-compatible Design
  • Upload Attachments and Video
  • Tagging of Ideas, Challenges, and Posts
  • User Retpuation Scores
  • Badges and Configurable Rewards
  • Leaderboards and Popular Idea Sorting
  • Assign Any Group of Users to Any Content
  • Track All Changes - Never Throw a Version Away